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Do you have content like online courses, apps and other learning assets built in or published in Flash? It’s important to start planning before the Adobe Flash phase out in 2020.

At Jhavtech, our team has the expertise to convert your flash resources to HTML5 versions. We offer a range of HTML5 conversion services and can provide you with all the support you need in making a trouble free move towards revamping your interactive content across devices. We can convert interactive swf files and flash video to html5 easily, saving you the time of learning complex conversion tools.

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When you convert Flash to HTML5, your content will be


In the era of portable devices, you need content that is device-independent and more importantly, mobile ready. This will enable your users to access your content on their computer, smartphone or tablet. You can integrate and synchronize the user experience over different devices.


HTML5 allows for you to create responsive content that flows and adjusts to the size of the screen. You don’t have to scroll pages to access interactive content, and audio and video files do not take too much time to load. Besides, with responsive content, you can break up existing paths and add interesting navigation paths for a more immersive and engaging experience.

Up to date

When Adobe retires Flash next year, major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari will no longer support Flash files. So, it’s important that you salvage your existing course content and create versions that will be supported in the future.We use cutting edge web technologies for learning resources, animations, and all media files. Don’t worry if you don’t have the source files, we can also help you create HTML5 files without them. We also test content for compatibility across all major devices and operating systems like Windows, Apple and Android.

Here’s how we helped Scootle convert 150 game based flash assets to responsive HTML5 solutions.

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