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About The Company

Jhavtech Studios is all about providing innovative solutions. We specialise in Flash to HTML5 conversions, Kiosk based applications, custom desktop/mobile applications, and I.T consultation.

Our goal is to make YOUR vision a reality.

We live and breathe our core values of Customer Satisfaction, After Service, Quality, Communication and Good Times, and you’ll feel it along our journey together.

How We Work

‘To provide custom solutions for a smoother experience’

At JhavTech Studios, we aim to create solutions of elegance and simplicity. We work our magic by getting to know you and your business, and create a quality custom solution.

Meet Our Team

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder & Director

From a young age, I was fascinated by technology and the problems it could fix. Inspired by my high school I.T teacher (my own Oh Captain! My Captain! moment), I followed my passion to University, and then spent years in the Victorian Education Sector as a technical project manager.

An itch began after 7 years, and I decided to risk stability and comfort, went out on my own and birthed JhavTech Studios!

My passion for providing quality, creative, and detail orientated solutions, is the vision that drives JhavTech Studios.

Guru Anamalli

Head of Design

I started my career as a business consultant helping Fortune 500 clients extract business insights from their data. In 2015, I decided to apply the same rigour to solve design problems using principles of human-centered design and simple common sense.

I have been consulting in design for over 6 years and have worked with a variety of clients ranging from global enterprises and government organisations to start-ups and non-profits from across the world to solve business problems around user experiences and brand communication.


Jason Castillo

Head of Marketing

A licensed physical therapist, with a master’s degree in Behavioural Science, I practiced the profession for a couple of years then fell in love with copywriting. I became a freelancer and had the opportunity to work with esteemed clients from across the globe – from startups in Silicon Valley to companies in Europe, the Middle East, and all the way down to Australia.

Now I’ve found a home at Jhavtech Studios, where I share the passion of delivering innovative solutions by leveraging the advancements in technology.

Darshana Soni

Sr. iOS Developer

I am a professional iOS developer with 6+ years of experience in analysing and developing a variety of applications. I started my career as a junior front-end developer with SQL. I’m passionate about creating compelling designs and crafting ingenious solutions to emerging challenges. Over the years, I’ve worked with various clients and collaborated with diverse teams in dynamic and rapid growth environments.


Sunny Lakhani

QA Engineer

I am a QA Engineer with 3.5 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance in the fields of healthcare, accounting, identification services, project management, payment gateway, among others – working individually, as a team leader, or part of a team.

My main goal is to improve software development processes and prevent defects in production. I also have extensive experience in manual testing and automation tools. I’m a self-motivated and creative person, and I always look forward to learning new things.

Jayvin Busa

WordPress Developer

I am a WordPress developer with more than 3 years of experience, specialising in creating and modifying plugins. I can customise and optimise any functional aspect of a website or Wordpress plugins and themes. I’m a self-motivated and creative person, with strong background skills in problem solving, time management, and writing quality code.

Paras Santoki

Sr. Android developer

I’m a senior Android developer with 7 years of experience in the industry. I am a very friendly, and self-motivated person with a passion for developing fully functional apps that strictly adhere to platform-specific guidelines.

For me, app development transcends mere coding, as it’s also about creating stunning, reliable, and scalable products. With my extensive knowledge in programming and complex problem-solving skills, I turn ideas into reality as fast as possible without compromising quality. So far, I have developed 30+ apps… and counting!

Manish Hedau

Full Stack Developer

I am a Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in ReactJs, NodeJs. I’m fond of learning new technologies and apply them to solve real-world problems. I am a self-motivated and creative person, with a primary focus on code quality.

I build apps with a strong emphasis on function over form, and I stay up to date with the entire development process – from database structure and server infrastructure to analytics and mobile responsive views.

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