Flash to HTML5

Seamless asset conversion for student learning repository


cootle is the national digital teaching and learning repository, providing access to more than 20,000 resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. We worked with them on a flash to HTML5 conversion project. Since the iphone, support for flash has steadily decreased through the years. Chrome is discontinuing its support for flash by 2020, and a lot of existing interactive content which is built using flash is not accessible on iOS. We needed to convert over 150 flash based interactive games into HTML 5 in order for it to be accessible on all devices. These games needed to work in a self-contained package as well as in offline mode.

Plan, test, repeat

The challenge- Complex animations that needed to be replicated using HTML 5 with a target of around 15 games a month, and no documentation that helped us determine what was required. We grew our team from 5 to 26 and put a development process in place so that the year-long project could be delivered swift and smooth. All converted assets were tested on different browsers and devices to ensure that they worked.

Responsive solution

We used HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to replicate the flash games. We also created reusable modules which could seamlessly function across games so we could reduce development time. For testing, a major task in game-based assets due to the number of possible alternate flows, we used Jira to manage any bugs and partnered with external testers to get the tasks done much faster.

Ongoing partnership

Aware of all the complications that this task presented us, they were extremely satisfied with the results achieved and were pleasantly surprised that the conversions were all wrapped up within the timeline. They continue to use Jhavtech for all their Flash conversion needs.

Are you ready for the end of Flash in 2020?

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