Quality Checks We Follow Before Delivering a Flash to HTML5 Conversion Project

JhavTech has mastered the science of converting Flash-based applications and websites to HTML5. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have learned how to make the transition from Flash to HTML5 as seamless as possible.

Our teams of professional graphic designers, web and mobile developers implement only the best practices to improve the overall functionality and performance of your legacy content.

We put a premium on quality so we always conduct stringent checks before sending a finished product to a client for review and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

We offer a number of client-centric services, but Flash to HTML5 conversion is by far the most resource intensive because we have to target a lot of different platforms, a lot of different browsers, and different browser versions depending on requirements.

In most cases, people look to convert Flash to HTML5, at least initially, because Apple stopped supporting Flash. Subsequently, Adobe decided to ditch its once ubiquitous plugin and phase it out by the end of 2020.

Our main target when doing conversion is making sure that all the features that work in Flash are replicated in the HTML5 version. We implement quality checks against different browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We check the different versions of each, as well as between platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

In terms of screen size, we test the HTML5 version on smartphones, tablets, and the traditional computer monitor. Whether a screen size is part of the requirement depends on the client because certain games and other Flash-based content are not designed to be accessed using a smartphone. This means no time is spent testing it, but because it has been tested on the iPad and other mobile devices, it should work where it wouldn’t potentially without testing.

In addition, certain elements are too tiny to tinker with because the screen is so small and touch screen is extremely sensitive in such a limited area. This is the reason why some elements may not function as expected, but by testing the complete breadth of features and functionalities, we are able to ensure that all essential check boxes are ticked.

We also leverage tools like BrowserStack because even though we have access to a large amount of devices and operating systems (OS), not all are at our disposal. In such cases, we use other tools and technologies to ensure in-depth testing.

We don’t compromise on emulators and simulators; which is why we utilize services like BrowserStack. This cloud-based platform allows us to test on more than 2000 devices, browsers, and operating systems. Hence, we are able to deliver bug-free websites and mobile apps. As for our clients, they are able to deliver what matters most—awesome experiences to end users.

Finally, we have a checklist of things that we need to do and achieve. It allows us to verify that all important points are covered. We update and expand the checklist based on project requirements. For instance, one of the crucial checks that we do is a one-to-one comparison of the Flash version to the HTML5 version to make sure that the end product is as close, or even better, than the original.

Many of our Flash to HTML5 conversion projects have been for educational institutions and they have requirements to ensure support for individuals who have disabilities. We therefore need to make sure that all the resources are accessible and comply with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA level.

After completing all the necessary checks, we send the product to the client for verification. If ever they find any issue, we try to replicate it and find a specific permutation including the device, the browser, and the browser version. Once we get the right set of information, we make modifications and run tests to see if the problem is fixed.

Parting Words…

In order for your Flash to HTML5 conversions to be effective, a thorough quality check process is something that cannot be overlooked. If your conversion project is large and you don’t have enough in-house resources to get the job done, feel free to get in touch with our conversion specialists.

At JhavTech, we render top-notch Flash to HTML5 conversion services. We make the transition seamless so you get to engage more customers and let them enjoy a faster and safer browsing experience.

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