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Client-focused and crafting website solutions that deliver quantifiable results, JhavTech helps businesses in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Engage your clients and generate massive leads with an impressive, high-performing website.

JhavTech specializes in web design and development services. Our projects are feature-packed, high-performing, and specifically designed to be user-friendly, secure, fully functional, and able to scale as your business grows.

You dream it…we build it!

User-Centric Design

We believe that beauty and utility must always go hand in hand. One cannot be devoid of the other. This is precisely the reason why our web designers make sure that their work is responsive and crafted to deliver a remarkable experience on any given platform. We always strive to weave peerless performance and functional elegance into the fiber of the design.

For the most part, web design is not just about ‘painting’ a pretty picture. It must meet your business purpose. We have this in mind every step of the way, from ideation to creation and beyond. We are well aware that your website is your means of making that lasting first impression, and it’s your one shot to blow your clients away. The design must strike a delicate balance between visual hierarchy and appeal. It must be intuitive and easy-to-navigate so that users with diverse skills feel comfortable using it.

User-Driven Development

We envision all our web development projects with the end user in mind. We invest time and effort in conducting extensive user research and full-contact testing so the website does exactly what the user wants it to. This is achieved by combining cutting-edge technology with the latest business concepts so your website is easy to understand and use.

No matter the size and scope of your project, our team will build an effective website that meets your needs and advances your goals.

Custom Web Development

We strive to come up with customized web development solutions, not cookie-cutter projects. We tailor our process according to your scale and requirements. This is why every website that we build is unique—no two are ever the same. We think out of the box and our projects don’t rely on plugins, templates or ‘found code.’ This enables us to deliver a customized, reliable, and user-friendly website for all devices, projects, and industries.

The web solutions we develop are robust, feature-packed, scalable, and secure with engaging UI/UX design. We have a full-stack development team with years of experience and training in PHP core and open-source platforms, Microsoft technologies, DevOps services, and scripting languages. We got your back when you need cost-effective solutions for your business. We are known for the following:

Full Transparency

We never made it a practice to hide our code in scores of secure areas. What we develop is fully accessible to you. If you need the source code, you’ll get it — no questions asked! What’s more, we don’t charge extra for that. No hidden fees whatsoever. We stick to your budget and keep you informed of our progress. We treat you like we would like to be treated, and we think this is the right way to do business.

Backend Flexibility

The moment you engage our service, we know that your website needs to adapt and evolve, but you don’t want to incur additional expenses by hiring a development team every single time. Well, we build systems that are versatile so we can make adjustments quickly and easily to suit your evolving business needs. Compliant page designs with a plethora of options are one click away!

Why Hire JhavTech as Your Web Developer?

1. Wealth of Experience

We’ve been designing and developing websites since 2011. To date, we’ve completed numerous projects of varying complexities. You can rest assured that we can take on any web development project that you entrust to us.

2. Professional Web Design and Development Team

We approach every project as a collaborative effort. We have a dynamic team of experts and professionals as we are well aware that the success of each project depends on the partnership between our designers, developers, and YOU our client. This ensures that each project will proceed smoothly in accordance with specifications and timeline.

3. Strict Compliance with Web Quality

All the work that we do is geared towards designing and developing websites that adhere to web standards. The Internet is an open source of information and anyone can create a website for the world to see. But it’s not as simple as that. There are specifications for designers and developers to follow to ensure that the websites they build are accessible and usable to all.

4. Strict Compliance with Web Standards

Websites that comply with web standards have better search results rankings. They can be designed to load more quickly so you pay less in bandwidth fees. A web-compliant site will also save you time and money because it will be ‘forward compatible’, meaning that it will have a longer usable life.

    We Cater to a Wide Range of Web Design and Web Development Projects

    From simple landing page optimization to complex web-based business needs, we have worked with virtually all kinds of web projects over the past 9 years.

    Corporate Websites

    A company website provides a medium that focuses on your brand while targeting your goals and objectives. Corporate websites normally consist of 10 to 30 pages, complete with text and images. The pages may also include newsletter subscription and contact forms that will enable you to capture leads.

    We can deliver visually compelling sites; either from scratch or with the use of pre-developed components to speed up the development process. Our work is always true to requirements, goal-oriented, and includes component-based web apps that cater to any business needs.

    E-commerce Websites

    We build eCommerce sites and solutions for the ultimate online shopping experience. The websites we craft are high-performing, conversion-centered web portals, intended for more streamlined online business operations, boosting traffic, leads and sales. They facilitate online transactions of products and services through online fund transfer. They offer shopping cart solutions with professionally designed templates or fully customized themes.

    Our eCommerce services include full-fledged eCommerce store design and custom eCommerce store development for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. Our vast experience and expertise in eCommerce platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, and Magento has helped us deliver top-notch eCommerce solutions with robust CMS.

    Enterprise Websites

    We specialize in devising multi-level enterprise-grade web solutions that cater to various corporate needs. We create bespoke enterprise web portals, B2B and B2C applications, CRM and ERP software apps, Billing, Reporting, Secure Financial Transaction Processing Systems, among others. Our enterprise web and IT solutions are developed using the latest advancements in web technologies. They are robust, secure, and scalable which aid businesses in enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing overall operational cost.

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    How We Get Things Done

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    Our Web Development Process

    Our streamlined process helps us build websites that meet the requirements of even the most discerning clients. It also helps us facilitate clear communications between the client and our team.

    • 1. Consultation
    This is the first step in the design and development process wherein we see to it that we have a full understanding of your business objectives, along with everything else that you need for your website. We then determine the right course of action.
    • 2. Project Setup
    Our consultant will conduct a briefing with our team and initiate the plan incorporating all the information gathered during the initial consultation with you, including project milestones and deadlines.
    • 3. Wireframes and Mockups
    Our team creates a draft of your website so you can start seeing your vision coming to life. After you approve the final mockup, our developers begin coding your site.
    • 4. Design & Development
    The design is conceptualized while keeping in mind your business identity. We then seek your feedback and integrate it in developing the final output.
    • 5. Quality Assurance
    Before we launch your brand new site, we double-check all the technical details that can hinder success. We leave no stones unturned
    • 6. Website Launch
    We set your new website live for the world to see.