Mobile Design & Development

Mobile Design & Development

App design Australia has been at the core of our services since the inception of Jhavtech Studios. Our design and development services cover end-to-end creation of mobile apps, from Business Analysis and UI/UX design to deployment. Over the past decade, JhavTech has successfully delivered dozens of mobile apps including Drum Finder and MedicineWise.

Our projects are feature-packed, high-performing, and specifically designed to be user-friendly, secure, fully functional, and able to scale as your business grows.

The JhavTech Journey

We conceptualize and create apps that can help your business get a competitive advantage. Our team of well-trained and professional mobile app developers will walk you through the entire process—from ideation to creation to implementation.

We’ll sit down together to discuss your goals, envision your ideas, and develop a cutting-edge and fully scalable mobile app that your users will love. Whether it’s a native, hybrid, or cross-platform app for iOS or Android devices, you can rest assured that as premier app designers Australia, we have the knowledge, and expertise to get the job done based on what you want and exactly how you want it.

Designing an app is our passion. You dream it, we build it…in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Here’s the process in a nutshell:
  • Strategizing and Gathering Necessary Data
  • Wireframing: Designing UI and UX Interfaces
  • Quality Check: Strict adherence to your specifications, our internal requirements, and industry-best practices
  • Deployment: Project launch with an assurance of support and maintenance

Mobile App Design Australia

Our mobile UI/UX team consistently deliver satisfactory user experiences by devising a human-centric design that addresses the specific needs of users. The design is able to address major pain points because we conduct extensive market research so we can analyze the behavior and motivations of your target audience. We also pay close attention to details, zooming in on visual rewards and micro-interactions that represent your brand philosophy and fulfill ultimate business objectives.

But before the app UI design can come to life, we map out an intuitive and compelling user experience (UX). This is by far the most crucial aspect of the design stage and the one that our team prides itself on. Using the best UX design tools, our team creates user experiences that appeal to customers’ senses so they feel connected with your brand and use the app again and again, increasing your brand visibility.

Another critical component of our mobile app design service is prototyping. We create fully interactive prototypes using Sketch, Adobe XD, and Invision. These tools provide for ultimate compatibility and flexibility. They yield prototypes that look and function exactly how your app should. The prototypes can be shared through a link and accessed on any Android or iOS device, and also via the web. In our case, most of our user-testing occur during the prototyping phase as it allows us to fix bugs even before writing a single line of code. This means fewer delays and less last-minute changes.

As per client needs, we can also design the app icon. It is the first impression people will have of your app on the App Store. It can make the difference between someone downloading your app or scrolling past it. Designing the perfect icon is an art and a science. Leave it to us…our designers will create the design you want, in the manner that works best for you and based on what your brand wants to project. No robots. No templates. Just a 100% unique app icon.

    Mobile App Development

    We welcome all kinds of mobile app implementation, from original concept realization to website-to-app conversion; from blank-slate app development to refactoring of your existing code. We offer native mobile app development for Android, iOS and hybrid/cross-platform development using multiple frameworks and programming languages including the following:

    Mobile apps created using a cross-platform framework offer multi-platform usefulness since they are free from OS impulses. They provide a great solution when you wish to launch a mobile app on different platforms at a relatively low cost. We advise developing a cross-platform app in the following cases:

    • When it’s not immediately clear which platform is more profitable to go with
    • The app you wish to build does not have sophisticated features that will be difficult to maintain across different platforms
    • Budget restrictions deter you from hiring separate teams to develop both iOS and Android apps

    A hybrid app allows us to deliver an enhanced user experience by combining the speed of web development with the ability to utilize the functions of a device. As its name suggests, hybrid apps combine elements of both native apps and web applications. You can consider developing a hybrid app if:

    • You need to distribute a web app across app stores
    • You want the app to run on multiple platforms but you don’t have time to build a cross-platform solution
    • You want to use the native features of a device such as the camera, storage, GPS, etc.

    Native apps allow us to leverage system-specific features that can enhance user experience in a manner that won’t be possible with cross platform or hybrid solutions. Building native mobile apps is an excellent choice for high-performance applications like mobile games and platforms with high traffic. These apps are more reliable and offer consistent performance that can’t be matched by cross platform or hybrid software.

    Click here to learn more about cross-platform vs hybrid vs native app development approaches. Our team can also help you decide on the specific platform to use and select the suitable development framework for your business.

    Why JhavTech Studios?

    Our Work Has Made a Difference to Our Clients

    Our focus in building best-in-class mobile apps revolves around performance and usability. No wonder our growing list of satisfied clients regards us as a foundational partner in maximizing the best-of-breed mobile apps.

    With a streamlined approach and excellent communication, we consistently deliver top-notch projects to all kinds of organizations and businesses — from startups to enterprises. Feel free to browse through some of our recent projects and see how we met, and even exceeded, the needs and expectations of our clients.

    A Dedicated Team of Mobile App Experts

    Our mobile app design and development team selects the latest and most up-to-date tools depending on the objectives of your project, its size and budget. We can deliver fully integrated solutions across different industries including…

    Medicine and Healthcare
    Manufacturing and Distribution
    Social Networks
    GPS and Navigation
    Business and Finance

    Experience-Based and Result-Oriented

    We help business owners understand the role that mobile apps play in taking full advantage of strategic opportunities while constantly focusing on their customers’ experience and the results generated. It’s a Win-Win situation for everyone.

    Contact Us and Let’s Get Going Today!

    As a premier mobile app design and development company, JhavTech has built a sterling reputation in building best-in-class applications that are scalable, robust, and deliver great user experience.

    We use the best technologies following an in-depth analysis of every client’s needs so we can help them meet their business objectives and have a distinct edge over their competition. We offer fully-managed services complete with 24/7 maintenance and support that can swiftly handle even the most complex issues.