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Are you struggling to get your app completed and launched? If so, you're not alone. Many apps fail due to POOR COMMUNICATION, PLANNING or EXECUTION.
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We specialise in 'RESCUE PROJECTS' because we want to prove to prospective clients that not all companies in our industry are bad eggs.
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We can help you assess your app, identify the problems, and develop a formidable plan to get it back on track.
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Our track record includes aiding numerous businesses in saving their apps, and we can do the same for you.
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We don’t mind cleaning someone else's work (small or big-sized projects), and when we do, we are fully focused on the customers’ end goal.
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We acknowledge the uniqueness of each app and tailor our services to suit your specific needs.
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Our service offerings are adaptable, customised according to your requirements.
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We prioritise keeping you well-informed throughout the process, ensuring you're consistently updated.

App Development in Crisis?

Let Us Handle It!
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Why Do App Projects Fail?

Projects Fail Reasons

Poor Communication

This is the #1 reason for failure. To avoid this, we schedule weekly meetings and bi-weekly demos to keep you in the loop at all times. You'll always know what's going on and make sound decisions at the right time.

Scope Creep

By understanding your goals from the outset, communicating regularly, and keeping a close eye on your budget and schedule, we can keep scope creep from derailing your app development project.

Poor App Quality

How your app looks and works is very important to get traction in the marketplace. We are meticulous about getting the app's design ‘pixel perfect’ so you can achieve what you’ve envisioned right from the start.

Extra Charges

We won’t build anything unnecessary. No hidden costs! We will provide detailed reports on how your money is spent. We keep track of everything to avoid exceeding costs and going over your allotted budget.

Our Rescue Process

1 Comprehensive Project Evaluation

We’ll conduct a detailed analysis to understand what’s been done and identify the cause of the problem, potential weaknesses, and areas that need improvement.

2 Clear Roadmap and Action Plan

Based on the evaluation, we’ll create a well-defined roadmap and action plan with quantifiable objectives and timelines to guide your project towards completion.

3 Methodical Implementation

If you agree and accept our proposal, our team will start implementing the plan while adhering to guidelines, maximising resources, and submitting deliverables on time.

4 Regular Progress Reports

You’ll receive regular updates to ensure complete transparency. This is made possible by smooth and efficient communication among all parties involved.

5 Strict Quality Assurance

Before final delivery, we will rigorously test all features and functionalities of your app to ensure that the UI is intuitive, the UX is flawless, and the usability is spot on.

6 Support and Maintenance

After launching your app, we’ll still work with you to ensure that it continues to function as intended and meets the needs of its users.

Client's Testimonials

Clients appreciate our business sense and they love our can-do attitude that's backed by a growing list of positive feedback.
Jhavtech Studios Clutch ReviewsJhavtech Studios Google Reviews
I was so impressed by the Jhavtech team. This was my 2nd project with them. Jhavtech Studios delivered the app on time, meeting the client's expectations. They were quick to respond and attend to issues, allowing for a smooth workflow. Their strong customer support skills stood out.
Michael Romero
Founder & Director, The Sixth Day Racing Pty Ltd
We managed to find a good rhythm very early on in the project, and they were easily able to adapt to our working style. Our relationship with Jhavtech has grown from a customer-vendor relationship to one of trusted partner.
Karen Boparoy
Product Lead, NPS Medicinewise
I’m impressed with Jhavtech Studios’ patience, supportiveness, excellent listening skills, and accessible pricing. Jhavtech Studios has delivered a visually-appealing, well-performing app that meets the client's needs and specifications. Responsive and transparent, they foster effective collaboration and are quick to address issues and concerns.
Isabella Baring
CEO, The Diamond Sun Ascension
A delivery-focused company. Overall, the I was very happy with the final product and looks forward to working with Jhavtech for the next phase.
Alan Punch
Director, Navathome Australia
Rahul was one of the only experience developers I could find after a year of looking. He's extremely patient and takes to the time to understand your objectives instead of just trying to close the deal as I've experiences with other firms and devs. An honest businessman with great knowledge and a commitment to deliver.
Daniel Namonyo
The best part is that we are still working with the above clients for over 5 years! We are often invited to work on specific projects and kept on as long-term partners.

What Sets Us Apart

One of the Top 2022 Developers in Australia Awarded by Clutch
Melbourne’s Top AngularJS
Developer Awarded by
The Manifest
The Manifest Features Jhavtech Studios as Melbourne’s Top Reviewed Developer for 2022
Jhavtech StudiosJhavtech Studios
Jhavtech Studios is a Melbourne-based iPhone App, Android App and Web App Development Company. Our designers and app developers work closely with customers and users to create quality apps with reliable technology and impeccable design.


What is an app rescue service?

An app rescue service helps businesses and organisations get their stalled or failing mobile or web app projects back on track. This can include providing expert project management, technical expertise, and quality assurance.

When should I consider using an app rescue service?

There are signs that your app may be in need of rescue. These include:
  • There is a lack of communication among project team members and stakeholders.
  • You’ve lost faith in your current developer.
  • App development is behind schedule or over budget.
  • The app is not meeting expectations.
  • The app has bugs and sub-optimal code.
  • The app is at risk of failure.

What are the risks of not using an app rescue service?

If you don’t use an app rescue service, there are risks at stake. These include:
  • The app may be delivered late or over budget.
  • The app may not meet your expectations.
  • You may lose money.
  • The app may fail completely.
  • You may incur damage to your reputation and credibility.

What are the benefits of using an app rescue service?

There are many benefits to using an app rescue service. These include:
  • Getting your project back on track.
  • Delivering the results you need.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Secure and scalable development of your app.
  • Avoiding the risk of project failure.

How does an app rescue service work?

The first step is to assess your app. This includes understanding your goals, reviewing your project documentation, and assessing your team's capabilities. Once we have a good understanding of your app, we will develop a plan to get it back on track. This plan may include:
  • Redefining the project's scope and requirements.
  • Implementing new project management tools.
  • Fixing quality problems.
  • Communicating with stakeholders.

How much does an app rescue service cost?

The cost of an app rescue service varies depending on the specific needs of your project. We will work closely with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and needs.

How can I get started with an app rescue service?

To get started, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you get your project back on track.
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We're here to dig you out of this mess and Rescue you back on track.
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