Kiosk Software

Do you want to create a protected and personalized experience for your customers? Jhavtech specializes in creating kiosk software and kiosk apps that operate in a secure environment.

What can you do with a Kiosk App? These applications are designed to specifically interact with users. They protect the system, keep it running and prevent misuse. This means that you can leave the system unattended and block users from accessing the operating system. Users can also be effectively prohibited from changing any system settings,surfing the internet, modifying local files and accessing any sensitive information.

Whether you need a store information kiosk, a survey system, a test taking environment or a banking application, we can create the perfect solution for you.

Kiosks can be used for


Product promotions


Secure surveys or tests

Some kiosk-specific features that we provide are

  • Restricted keyboard usage

Disable specialty keys and key combinations. For e.g.Ctrl+Alt+Del – that gives access to the task manager, function keys, Escape key etc.

  • Virtual Keyboard

Use kiosk specific keyboards that work with touch screen hardware.

  • User Sessions

Secure user sessions by clearing user history on logout and displaying default screens for the next user.

  • Dialog blocking

Prevent any dialog boxes from being shown so that the user cannot navigate away from the application. This makes sure that users can’t download files on your system.

  • Remote monitoring

Monitor all your kiosks, update content and check on them from anywhere.

Application security should certainly be a priority rather than an afterthought. Get in touch with us to develop a customised solution that is best for you!