Dynamic digital signage with Ki

See how Ki brings the power of the cloud to your digital signs and kiosks.

Ki is a powerful and easy-to-use digital signage software. A cloud-based tool that enables users to remotely manage the content on multiple displays, kiosks or digital signage.

It is a plug-and-play solution that allows any user – even those with limited IT experience – to create, schedule and manage multiple digital displays. Ki also lets you quickly create dynamic, interactive content for various applications across industries like corporate communications, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

Powerful features to power your business

Whether you are a small-business owner, advertising director, retail store manager, or graphic designer, Jhavtech Studio’s Ki digital signage software gives you full control over the content and set up of your network.

Display Management

  • Supports screens of any size, resolution, and orientation
  • Remotely manage display properties and tag them for easy search
  • Diagnose issues and apply troubleshooting options like app reboot and clear cache
  • Monitor and control device uptime and connectivity

Detailed Reports

  • Supports reporting on display uptime and network connectivity
  • Supports generating of customized reports as per business needs
  • Download reports on Excel for data analysis and record-keeping

Composition and Layout

  • Design your own screen layout or choose from a template from different categories. Pick a template that relates to your specific industry and has unique content created within minutes
  • Edit to create multiple zones within the display area
  • Easy options to create as many playlists/compositions as you like
  • Supports image, video, and content from apps
  • Supports any screen size and display orientation

Content Management

  • Option to upload single/image or multi mixtures of images, videos, slideshows, scrolling static text, news tickers, clock, weather, RSS feeds and more
  • Supported image formats – JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF
  • Supported video formats – AVI, MP4, and MKV
  • Supports 4K resolution (~4,000 pixels) and videos of any aspect ratio
  • Ki is essentially content-centric, making it a potent customer engagement tool

Content Scheduling

  • Comprehensive scheduling options like daily, weekly, and monthly allow you to display the right message to the right audience at the right time
  • Easily preschedule your content to automatically update on specific dates and times
  • Calendar view with better layout and visibility for seamless schedule management
  • Set your timelines to play at any time of the day and presentations will only play between your specified start and stop times
  • The schedule can be edited on a real-time basis and all content caches locally onto the media player

Digital Signage Apps

  • Bring your screens to life and get real-time, informative content with our premium Ki apps
  • Apps range from socials media feeds, news feeds, weather, event listings, product directories, communication, and many more
  • Some apps are available in multilingual format
  • Customization services are available to create apps that allow you to pull data from any system that supports REST API

    There’s more…

    Interactive Display

    Ki supports interactive applications like digital brochures, directory searches, building maps and more.

    Offline Operation

    Your content will continue playing even without internet connectivity

    User Access Control

    Designate different responsibilities and access to different users while retaining overall control of your network


    Turn on your device and it will start playing content without any manual intervention

    Play In-sync

    Sync multiple displays and play content simultaneously on them.

    API Integration

    Ki can seamlessly integrate with any system that supports REST API to acquire and manage content

    Ad Scheduler

    Advanced scheduler option allows you to easily manage advertisements


    Regular updates will ensure that Ki grows as your organization grows and new technologies emerge.

    One powerful platform for many organisations

    Conference & Training Centers

    Digital signage improves the overall attendee experience and makes a great impression by providing targeted information through interactive displays. A digital signage system in the venue enhances the dissemination of time-sensitive information in an efficient and impressive way. Running around with paper notices is troublesome and can easily be resolved by adding digital signage. The guests can use it to explore the facility and access event-specific promotions.


    Hotels, bars, clubs, spas, resorts, and convention centers are using digital signage to relay relevant information to guests about special events and promotions. This is very important because when it comes to the hospitality industry, the guest experience is everything. Exceptional first impressions lead to positive reviews, promote word-of-mouth advertising build a loyal customer base, and more. By integrating digital displays and interactive kiosks throughout the facility, the spaces feel modern, luxurious, and forward-thinking.


    Interactivity is the main means of communication for a generation raised on technology. No wonder digital signage has become popular in school campuses worldwide. It is used in educational facilities to provide updates on upcoming events, display news, emergency notifications, sponsor ads, and in canteens and school cafes as a digital menu. A number of universities are installing screens in their lobby and other areas to update and schedule content. They are also effective when it comes to reaching larger audiences. Auditoriums and mixed-use performance spaces can become ideal venues for higher learning. 

    Consumer & Retail

    For most retail businesses, interactive digital signage serves as one of the lynchpins of success. With the emergence of e-commerce and connected lifestyles, retailers are exerting effort to come up with innovative ways to engage with consumers and to strengthen brand awareness. As customers continue to look for in-store experiences that are comparable to what online shops offer, retailers are combining the nature of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores with the advantages of digital experiences. Retailers are able to achieve this through the integration of digital signage into the customer experience.

    Digital Menu Boards

    Our digital menu board software allows you to replace traditional signs and posters. It gives you the opportunity to attract new customers by showing a more realistic image of what your food looks like. A digital display outside your café or restaurant is more likely to draw in passersby than a menu posted inside a glass frame. It is an excellent way of bringing your menu to life by incorporating enticing graphics, videos, and everything else that you want your customers to know. Moreover, you can customize digital displays for ordering and payment purposes.

    Shopping Malls

    Shopping centers have been transformed from mere hallways of retail tenants to full-blown entertainment hubs that feature huge movie theaters, skating rinks, amusement parks, and athletic facilities. In order to attract new visitors, malls are now focusing on creating new and exciting shopping experiences that are powered by interactive digital signage. Management companies are maximizing this new trend to increase value for their tenants and improve the way they engage with shoppers. They are placing digital signage in high traffic areas to create new marketing and advertising opportunities.

    Corporate Communication

    The corporate space is where seamless communication and engagement matter the most. Digital signage has proven effective in communicating with employees and increasing engagement. It is especially handy when it comes to providing updates on corporate events, disseminating information about new products, HR policies, training procedures, company bulletins, upcoming meetings, and more. Digital signage is also increasingly being used to provide directions and instructions during emergency situations, evacuations, drills, among others. This is particularly relevant in workplaces where not everyone is connected at all times, such as in employee breakrooms, staff rooms, manufacturing assembly floors, building lobbies, and more.


    Clinics and hospitals are among the fastest adopters of interactive digital signage. They provide timely and relevant information for medical personnel, patients, and visitors. They give directions to patients and visitors in the facility and promote medical services. Digital signage is an efficient and cost-effective way for healthcare facilities to keep everyone informed at all times. Take it a step further and imagine a cloud-based solution that is easily accessible through interactive displays. All doctors and every member of the medical will have full information about their patients in seconds, without the need to review tons of paperwork. This way, digital signage can help save lives.

    supported devices

    Ki supports them all

    • Supports commonly used digital signage hardware OS including Android, Chrome, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, and LG WebOS
    • Ki is easily accessible through Google play store, other app stores, and here on the Jhavtech website.
    • Easy to configure and sign up with Jhavtech signage cloud manager. Ki is also easy to maintain thanks to the auto-update feature

    Find out what Ki can do for you

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