University of Melbourne

Redefining faculty experience


he law school at the university of Melbourne needed to replace their existing application to manage their courses and ongoing semester schedules better. The existing system, built on old technology, was falling apart and they were looking to upgrade the department management experience using modern technology.

Migration done right

With very little information available on how the old system worked, this was certainly a challenging ask. We partnered with their SME to straighten out all the modules and business rules that needed to be moved into the new application. Having the existing application as base, and with feedback and refinement over each iteration, we developed a final solution. We provided the client with incremental, frequent releases using agile methodology, making the migration a smooth experience.

Sophisticated solutions

The university guidelines stated that we use PHP and MySQL for development, and we couldn’t stray too far with choice of technology. However, we used some third party libraries to help us build some sophisticated modules for them and also integrated a credential-based login system with the application.

Self-sustained system

The client now has a self-sustained system that is being used to manage their coursework and prospectus every semester. The outcome was fantastic and the clients are very happy with the product they received – a fresh new system that can be updated as well as all the documentation they needed to maintain it.