Secure Browser

Secure Browser for foolproof test taking


his is a secure browser for students taking online and offline exams. For foolproof test taking, they wanted to regulate access to utilities and system functions, preventing application switching and unauthorised device resources being used during an assessment. The tool needed to be built out on all major platforms – Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Chromebook.

Security First

To develop a secure test taking environment was the topmost priority. We had to build a solution secure enough to prevent students from cheating, while providing an efficient modern browser with all the necessary elements to make the experience smooth for students.

Powered by Chromium

After some research, the decision was made to use the open-source Chromium project. It was modern and contained everything we needed for current requirements and future enhancements. We had a team of twelve on the job and created a tool within the given timeframe. The Chromium project turned out to be an excellent choice, due to its availability and timely updates on all the platforms we set out to build the tool for.

Growing Partnerships

It has been over 2 years since this tool was launched and it has steadily acquired popularity and success. Our client has been able to motivate more institutions to use their platform to improve security and efficiency for their student evaluations.