The mind is a powerful tool.


The project is the brainchild of the client himself. Drawing from his personal experience, he wants to create a platform that will send affirmations to the users in order to motivate them and boost their spirits during their day to day lives.

Project Objectives

As it applies to all our work, we aim to build pixel-perfect apps for both iOS and Android as per the designs provided. This entails developing and deploying a custom solution while relying on our expertise and using the appropriate technologies. We will also create a one-page website that will highlight details about the mobile app as well as the company’s T&C and Privacy Policy.

Natively Built App

In order to provide the best possible user interface and user experience, the app will be built natively using Firebase for the Frontend/Backend and Firestone for the database. The platform will have 700 unique affirmations preloaded and more can be added in the future.

Users will be able to set the widget on the home screen of Android and the widget screen of iOS, and based on preferences, the data will be updated to display the affirmations. They can freely customise how often they would like to receive the affirmations, set their favourites, and even share them with others.