Improving prescription adherence for the elderly


edicineWise had an application that helped people keep track of their medicine intake by providing reminders as well as important information about their prescribed medication. They wanted to  revamp the experience for existing customers and also to expand their customer base.

Quick adaptation

Being an existing project, there were a lot of developers already working on the application when we got on board. This presented a steep learning curve and we had to adapt quickly and efficiently in order to synchronise and work on the requirement. Technologies having been chosen already as part of phase 1, we had to update certain outdated libraries in the codebase.

Subtle touches

Due to time constraints we had to learn and build almost simultaneously. In order to improve the user experience we had to revamp the user registration and login process which was originally done using webview but we converted this into a native control.

Ongoing partnership

We delivered the application, even with the many challenges we faced, within the timeframe required. Following that, we have been working and continually improving different parts of the app as the client is seeing that these improvements are helping their customers.