Drum Finder

Simplifying Asset Tracking


he Prysmian Group – Australia’s leading cable company, was looking to build a platform that would allow their customers to track the delivery of ordered cables

Easy tracking

Our client wanted to make a simple and easy-to-use asset management application that would not inconvenience their normal working process. To achieve this, we needed a barcode scanner and a GPS locator portal together with a web portal to help track the overall life cycle of the cable drum.

Journey visualization

The application was built on native iOS and Android platforms to support a maximum number of users. The built-in hardware gave us access to the camera barcode scanner and the GPS locator which we used to track the package from the beginning to the end. To go along with it, we built a back-end web portal for administrators using .NET and MSSQL –  technologies that were a pre-requisite given to us by Prysmian. The web portal also allowed the user to view their packages in a map, which provided great visuals and captured a snapshot of how the package travelled.

Efficiency maximization

Once the App went live, we also helped the customer migrate an existing set of assets that were to be in transit into the Drum Finder database. At the same time, we sent out communication to all potential users to start using the Drum Finder application for real-time tracking. This increased efficiency and accuracy in their asset management systems and provided them with insight into all the packages that were in transit. The folks at Drum Finder are very happy with the product and continue to work with Jhavtech.