Blue Illusion


referral from an existing client, Blue Illusion is a French inspired women’s fashion and lifestyle brand with over 100 boutiques in Australia & New Zealand. They engaged Jhavtech to maintain their website and work on their biweekly magazine using Webflow.

Work Around a Proprietary Platform

The website’s existing application is based on an ‘unfriendly’ proprietary platform. Web documentation is very limited so we had to navigate ourselves to figure out how the system works. There were a lot of kinks and bumps along the way, but with persistence and hard work, we overcame the challenges and delivered to specifications.

Short Turnaround Time

Being in a fast-paced industry, Blue Illusion has to create copy, do photoshoots, among other things. By the time we receive the requirements for our end of the work, we literally have a couple of days to get the job done. Nonetheless, we made sure we meet the deadlines while delivering quality work every single time. While designs are provided to us, we’re meticulous in making sure that they are being implemented pixel perfect.