Connecting Artists and Art Lovers


e had the pleasure of working with Art&Found, building their e-commerce platform for curated art. In a world where art is not considered affordable, Art&Found set off to make great art readily available. The platform brings together buyers and sellers – one where artists put up digital artwork and buyers get their choice of categorised art. They also provide framing options so customers can purchase pieces ready to be displayed.

Fast time to market

In search of a cost-effective solution, we decided to use a well-supported open source e-commerce platform so we could get a jump start in to the development process, yet leave wiggle room for future customization in order to accommodate the ever changing nature of the art world.

Minimal yet beautiful

The solution emerged from a simple thought – let the art do the talking! After plenty of research, we went with opencart and then customized the website, creating modules that fit in together perfectly to create a great artist and buyer experience. The project took off in 2015 and we continue to work on it to cater to evolving needs of the client.

Art&Found procured a VC fund and is now valued at USD$2M

It makes us so proud to say that as a start-up with little recognition and limited resources, we supported our client in building a user-friendly platform within a short period of time. Art&Found attracted an exponential user base in the first year and were featured in articles from Young Turks, The Indian Express, CNBC and many more. They got the attention of angel investors and procured a VC fund within the same year. They are currently valued at USD 2$M and are looking to further expand their business.

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